“On the Third Day, there will be silence. The crows will feed on the carrion, plague will dance amongst the ruins, and the Antediluvians will make for themselves an Empire of Blood. They will rule with iron talons. They will wrench the hearts of all still alive, and the full sum of the earth’s living will come and live in the Last City, called Gehenna. And there will be a reign of one thousand years, and there will be no love, or life, or pity.”

Some dude may have put the Ancients back to sleep with a Sarcophagus and a nursery rhyme, but the threat is still real, and the war against them still carries on. We know they lie dead but dreaming, and we’re waiting for them. But when they do wake up, ready to break their fast on their followers, the only Cainites they’ll find left are us, ready to spit in their eye.

Rico Vega, Cardinal of the East

Welcome to the Philadelphia Sabbat, a Vampire: The Masquerade game!

The Sabbat are violent — against those who serve the Ancients, against the Camarilla, against mortals, and, when they run out of other targets, against each other. Sabbat is survival of the fittest made flesh, and its perverse Death Cult to Caine only pushes them forward in violence and pride. You are joining a group composed of packs of psychopathic peacocks who are only kept at bay by some bill of rights written 100 years ago, and the overall goal: stop the end of the world. But whether you’re a Noddist or a Knight, a Loyalist or an Ultra-Con, for everything in between, it’s #1 that’s most important.

Vampire the Masquerade: Sabbat is usually played on the third Saturday of every month from 8 pm to midnight, in the Ross Commons at the University of Drexel. Check out our upcoming events page to see when the next Sabbat game is held. To speak with the VST, email him at All you need is the desire to play and the imagination to see it through. Come join us and play. We will help you to create your character, understand the rules and to hit the ground running.

Interested in coming to a Sabbat session? Contact Anthony Thomas, the Venue Storyteller

Sabbat Resources

  • Addendums (additional rules and restrictions made on top of the Mind’s Eye Theatre books
  • Status Guide Addendum – a handy guide created by the MES NST staff for clarification on the status system mechanics.
  • Masquerade Venue Character Sheet, this is not, by any means, the only acceptable character sheet out there, but it is updated regularly and used by many of our players.
  • Masquerade Venues XP Rules detailed information on guidelines for earning XP for our Masquerade venue games (Camarilla Court, Sabbat, Anarch), the XP Floor, etc.
  • Sabbat IC List – our In Character list for Vampire: The Masquerade – Sabbat.
  • Sabbat Character Creation Document – this series of questions helps answer things about your character’s personality and background. It can be worth 10xp if completed and submitted to your VST!