What is LARP?

Registration and Membership

  • MES Membership
    • Check here for details on what the MES is, how to sign up, or how to get a trial membership.
    • If you have issues with signing up, email our Domain Coordinator, and we’ll sort things out for you.

Mailing Lists


Online Resources

  • MES Membership Handbook – The processes and rules of the United States Mind’s Eye Society (that includes us).
  • Addendums – Additional rules and restrictions made on top of the Mind’s Eye Theatre books by the Mind’s Eye Society.
  • BNS Errata – additional changes to the Mind’s Eye Theatre book made by the publishers: By Night Studios.
  • Masquerade Venue Character Sheet, this is not, by any means, the only acceptable character sheet out there, but it is updated regularly and used by many of our players.
  • Masquerade Venues XP Rules detailed information on guidelines for earning XP for our Masquerade venue games (Camarilla Court, Sabbat, Anarch), the XP Floor, etc.
  • MES Masquerade Venue FAQ – An FAQ maintained by the NST staff which clarifies ambiguous mechanics and official rules calls from the National Storyteller’s office.
  • Approvals Database (used for getting your characters approved, tracking XP gained and spent, etc)
  • MES Wiki Philadelphia (A vast store of information, including information on Philadelphia’s venues, characters, and players)
  • MES Wiki (A vast store of information, including information on different venues, domains, characters, and players)

Additional Tools

  • Character sheet tidier – removes white space from your character sheet’s plain text. Makes for a cleaner looking submission on the MES Character Database.