Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Location: Ewing Presbyterian Church. 100 Scotch rd, Ewing NJ, 08628

Site fee: $5

Game Check in: 1:15-1:45 PM
Game on: 1:45-5:45 PM

Email the Werewolf VST at vst.apocalypse@mindseyephilly.com

See our Apocalypse page for more details.

View the Apocalypse wiki page for our local game for additional details.

Philadelphia MES LARP meetup

Join us at Frankford Hall for our Meetup! The Philly MES LARP meetup!

Our Meetup is a great event for both new friends-to-be and old friends. Join us at Frankford hall! We welcome anyone who is interested in checking out Minds Eye Society of Philadelphia. We are a local froyup that is part of a national non-profit organization focusing on Live Action Role Play game set in the World of Darkness (Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, ect.).

For our existing players, this is the perfect time to catch up with your Story Teller for a scene or two, and to politic with other players and their characters.

Philly MES  LARP Meetup is from 8pm to 11pm.

Check here for more information on Frankford Hall, including NJ public transit directions

Even if you don’t have many downtimes to do,  come hang out! Catch up on game stuff, or make character ties, or ask about trying a new game. If all else fails, Frankford Hall will have beer, German food, and your favorite LARPer friends! We’d love to have you join us!

Frankford Hall is an easy stroll from the Girard ave/Market-Frankford stop, and also should have plenty of free parking on a Tuesday night.

Extra Bonuses: We’re getting happy hour beer pricing! Ask the coordinator staff how to get your happy hour discount once you get there.

April Game of the Month



VTM Philly Sabbat will be our afternoon game.
VTM Philly Cam/Anarch will be our evening game

Sabbat Check in: 1:00-1:30 PM
Game on: 1:30-5:30 PM

Down Time: 5:30-6 PM

Cam/Anarch Check in: 6-6:30 PM
Game on: 6:30-10:30 PM

The Site fee for the GOTM will be $5

We will be sponsoring the MES Scholarship as our charity for this GOTM, in regards to financial donations. We will have our domain charity (TBD for the quarter) running as well for physical item donations.

Here are some hotels nearby game site:

Quality Inn, NJ Capital Area
Red Roof Inn Princeton/Ewing
Element Ewing Princeton

Here are some hotels further South in the Cherry Hill area (a number of the OOC hangout type activities will likely happen around here.):

Red Roof Inn Mount Laurel
Courtyard Marriott Mount Laurel

The members of Domain PA-015-D hope you can join us!

Vampire: The Masquerade Cam/Anarch

Join us for our Vampire: The Masquerade Cam/Anarch!

Vampire: The Masquerade Cam/Anarch

Check In 7:15 pm – 7:45 pm
Game On – 7:45 pm – 11:45pm
Email the Cam/Anarch VST at VST.camanarch@mindseyephilly.com if you have questions about our Camarilla game.
More info on our Anarch game:

 Email dc@mindseyephilly.com for the address to the game site.

No Werewolf/Camarilla game for July

Hi everyone,

With the MES National event being held on First Saturday, when we normally have Werewolf and Camarilla games, we will be canceling July’s Werewolf & Camarilla game.

See you either at the convention or at August’s game!

Teaser for March FGOTM Anarch

Brothers and Sisters of the Movement, Friends of the Camarilla,

On behalf of the Anarchs of New Hope, I invite all clans, all ages, all generations of Kindred of the movement and of the Camarilla to join us as we celebrate Libertas Day. Libertas is our concept of free will, and we hold it dear to our hearts. Join the Anarchs of New Hope and see what we’re all about. We’re holding this party in a giant tent in the fields of Bucks County; it’ll be one festive joint.

No need to speak to a primogen or a seneschal, we don’t have those! Just show up! 🙂

Moira “Bones” Valentine
Baron of New Hope

Announcement for March GOTM Sabbat

Hi there Cainites!

So currently I’m knee deep in recon reports, surveys, emails, and powerpoint presentations — all for taking out Campires in New York! That’s going down in a week or so, and after we’ve pissed in their crumbling skulls, we can all catch Book of Mormon while we’re up there.

But there’s life after the New York Crusade, and I need to plan for it.

So what’s happening after the New York Crusade? I’ll tell ya what’s happening.

Philly is hosting motherfucking FESTIVO!

FESTIVO, March 21st

Come on down to Philly for the Festivo you’ll never forget. We’ll have:

  • Black light parties!
  • Super kick ass Ritae!
  • The reanimated corpse of Benjamin Franklin!
  • Rico Vega Makeout Booth!
  • Some of these things, and more!

This Festivo will be a damn important one for Philadelphia. And to celebrate, we’ll have a special guest: the reanimated corpse of Benjamin Franklin! He’ll be there to autograph keys and kites, hook up with old widows, and help us celebrate liberating our sister city, New York!

We’ll either be celebrating taking the Big Apple back, or eulogizing all our dead friends. Probably both. But either way, I promise all of you: if you miss this fucking kick ass holiday, you will regret it until at least next year!

See you fancy Cainites there!

Rico Vega
Archbishop of Philadelphia
Priest of The Suicide Kings

Philadelphia Changeling: The Lost

Welcome to the Philadelphia Changeling: The Lost game!

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. The oath bound city. There are many names for Philadelphia, both for the mortals and for the changelings. And as of now, the city is not as brotherly as it could be. The four courts of the city are separate for the most part, each holding their own territory within the city. Having the four seasonal courts is something relatively new to Philadelphia. The changelings of this city have changed the court structure many times, adopting the traditional courts only in 1896.

For the last few years, there has been relative peace in the city. The freehold location is maintained at Dinah’s, a small restaurant owned by a local changeling by the name of Alice. There is a door that leads to the actual freehold within a hollow. There is another way to reach the freehold near city hall, but the construction has completely cut off that way. The monarchy has been moving as normal between the seasons, and no real troubles outside of the mortal world has occurred. But peace can only last so long…

Interested in coming to a Lost game? Contact Sarah Farley, the Venue Storyteller