Welcome to the Philadelphia Camarilla, a Vampire: The Masquerade game!

The Sabbat may be defeated, but any Kindred that thinks they are destroyed is a fool. Along with the remnants of a centuries old enemy, there are others hiding within the borders; some that are smiling to your face. Tensions mount as Clans and Kindred vie for power in Prince Eirik’s domain. For now, all Kindred of Philadelphia work for the same thing: the strength and power of the city. How long can the political arrangements that have been forged in the aftermath of war survive in a time of peace?

Come and join the struggle for power, dominance and control. Be a member of the Ivory Tower, the Camarilla. Grow to become one of the Kindred seated on the throne, or the real power behind it. Be a member of the Founding Clans and build the city’s future, or be a member on the outskirts. Independents, Anarchs and those living outside the Camarilla, either by choice or by necessity. Join a game of politics, secrets and lies. Make allies and enemies, gain power and then keep it, if you can.

Vampire the Masquerade: Camarilla is usually played on the first Saturday of every month from 8 pm to midnight, in the Ross Commons at the University of Drexel. Check out our upcoming events page to see when the next Camarilla Court game is held. To speak with the VST, email him at All you need is the desire to play and the imagination to see it through. Come join us and play. We will help you to create your character, understand the rules and to hit the ground running.

Interested in coming to a Camarilla session? Contact the Venue Storyteller for Camarilla.

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